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Know Your PortOBlend; Detailed Specs and Features

No matter if you’re health-conscious or not having a portable juicer is always a great idea. Just imagine how it will feel and what it will mean to have the freedom of enjoying your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas anytime and anywhere. Today, making all of these and much more is possible and easier now than it ever was. Having a PortOBlend can give you all the advantages of the traditional benefits of the blender as well surpassing them by its compact size, power efficiency, and much more. We all know that having a juicer in our kitchen is very essential owing to its myriad of benefits to our health and well-being as well as ease of doing in the pursuit of same that are also very well appreciated in the PortOBlend review. As of result of availing us one of the healthiest and quickest possible way to add fresh nutrition into our diet.

But over and above it a portable juicer like PortOBlend as mentioned in many of the PortOBlend review is ” A smart solution for the busy but health-conscious individual who is always on the go.” PortOBlend is therefore of great utility owing to its portability that is a result of its compact size and the long-lasting battery that offers you service for more than 15+ blends in a single go.

So here is everything you need to know about PortOBlend.

Capacity of PortOBlend

Now you can enjoy substantial amounts of fresh juice on the go. As a result of the good capacity, the PortOBlend has to offer. With this 380ML amazing and rechargeable juicer bottle blender, you can make its use as a juicer and a bottle. That also enables you to make juice anywhere you go and whenever you go.

Size of PortOBlend

The size of any appliance matters a lot as it determines a lot of aspects. The performance as well the portability factor and much more. The size of PortOBlend is length: 82mcm/3.23″, width: 82mm/3.23″, height: 230mm/9.06″ (approx.)

that makes it very portable. It is compact enough for you to place it in your car’s cup holder but still strikes the right balance between the size or compactness as well as its juicing and juice carrying capacity.


Giving the size and performance of the PortOBlend it comes at a much cheaper price if you put it against the conventional big juicers. Although it can be cheaper than conventional juicers. But it is powerful enough to rival the conventional juicers too.


Due to the rising trends in urbanization, the use of space has been restricted at large. If unfortunately, you are one of those people who have to struggle with the space issues in your kitchen or office. Then PortOBlend is a viable and smart solution for your problems. As it is easy to use, store and clean too.

Charging of PortOBlend

You can get to experience the freshest and healthiest extract of your favorite juice on the go 24/7. Thanks to the long battery life of PortOBlend that boast a battery of 2000Mah 3.7v and keeps it ruining for 15+ blends on a single charge. Once it gets drained of its juices you can easily plug it into any USB port or charger to recharge it in no time to continue your juicing expect. That is reflected in many PortOBlend reviews too.

Power of PortOBlend

The power is of the utmost importance when it comes to any juicer or blender. But you should not worry when it’s about the power of the PortOBlend. It is so because PortOBlend is one of the world’s most powerful blenders that comes with a set of six stainless steel blades, that ensures you do not sacrifice power for conscience. In the many of PortOBlend review, it is evident how powerful it is as it can even blend through the ice crushing it. That makes of PortOBlend review stand out from the rest.